The No.1 luxury British skincare brand is globally recognised for harnessing the power of natural ingredients and scientific innovation. Each ground-breaking formula is trialed to ensure transformative results.

Book Elemis' revolutionary results-driven Biotec facials for optimum results, or if you prefer a hands-on facial, we can tailor these for your specific skincare needs.


Every ELEMIS Pro-Glow Facial incorporates our essential 3 steps to deliver optimal Skin Wellness:

Pro-Cleansing Treatment
ELEMIS signature multi-step cleansing method that removes makeup, build-up and daily pollutants, and prepares the skin for the next steps in treatment.

Bespoke Resurfacing
A resurfacing treatment customised to your specific skin’s needs. Gentle exfoliation and extractions lifts away dead cells on the skin’s surface and unclog pores for improved tone and texture. A visibly healthier, more even complexion is revealed.

Skin Wellness Touch
ELEMIS expert hands improve skin health, boosting circulation and drainage for a lifted, more sculpted appearance. The skin is softened to receive maximum moisture and nutrients from the treatments that follow.


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£70 / £80

£70 / £80

£70 / £80

£70 / 80

£80 / £90

Elemis Biotec anti-ageing treatment courses.

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We provide an intensive treatment course of Elemis facials to improve the tone, elasticity and vibrancy of your skin.

A treatment course includes 10 facials which are completed twice a week for five weeks*

Purchasing a course Elemis Biotec facials will include a saving to the equivalent of two Elemis Biotec facials. (8 for the price of 10)


*The option to have treatments less frequently is available, however if you can, we highly recommend completing the course as advised for the best result possible. Treatments are required once a month thereafter to maintain the result of the course.