The No.1 luxury British skincare brand is globally recognised for harnessing the power of natural ingredients and scientific innovation. Each ground-breaking formula is trialed to ensure transformative results.

Book Elemis' revolutionary results-driven Biotec facials for optimum results, or if you prefer a hands-on facial, we can tailor these for your specific skincare needs.


Elemis Biotec Facials

30 minutes £45 / 60 minutes £75

With seven facials and five technologies, you will achieve real results for all skin concerns. 

This pioneering skincare re-energises the complexion and enhances visible skin health.

The result? - Thriving, vibrant, and freshly revived skin.

We can focus on these skin concerns:

Fine lines/wrinkles--Sagging skin--Breakouts--Scarring/uneven skin tone--Sensitivity--Tired/Dull skin




Results following an intensive course of 10 Elemis line & wrinkle eraser Biotec facials at Brampton Beauty Retreat provided by Kirsti. 

Biotec Skin Resurfacer

This cellular-boosting treatment targets sluggish complexions. The ultrasonic peel stimulates the removal of impurities & dead skin cells, while the galvanic rejuvenating current restores moisture for instantly clearer & visibly brighter skin. 

(6 treatments recommended for best results)

Biotec Radiance Renew

Targeting dull, tired skin, this radiance-restoring facial uses powerful botanical formulations, exclusive to Elemis to replenish skin, leaving you with a well-rested glow.

Anti-oxidant rich products help to detox and boost sluggish skin, eliminating dullness.

Biotec Wrinkle Eraser

Our star treatment!

Target fine lines and wrinkles & energises the skin towards optimum performance with microcurrent pulses & red & blue light therapy.

A powerfully rejuvenating facial treatment that effectively irons and fills fine lines & wrinkles.

Skin is plumped, smoothed and more youthfull.

(10 treatments required for best results)

Biotec Firm-a-lift

Rediscover the architecture of your face with this ground breaking blend of massage and sculpting galvanic technology. Skin is visibly strengthened for a contoured complexion that is remarkably lifted. Focusing on loose or sagging skin to firm and smooth.  

(10 treatments required for best results)

Biotec Sensitive Soother

This anti-redness treatment soothes sensitive skin. Oxygen infusion encourages cellular restoration, while red light therapy and calming anti-oxidants improve the skin's ability to repair itself. The result - cal, soothed skin.

Suitable for pregnant clients

Biotec Blemish Control

A deep cleansing facial that detoxifies & repairs damaged tissue caused by acne and breakouts. Ultrasonic vibration, massage & galvanic currents thoroughly decongest & exfoliate. Powerful anti-oxidants soothe, while light therapy helps clear the complexion.

(6 treatments required for best results)

Biotec Peptide 24/7 Sync

This ground-breaking facial combines exclusive botanical formulations with a deeply cleansing ultrasonic peel for a well-rested glow. LED light therapy helps reset the lock for optimum skin wellness, whilst galvanic technology stimulates the skin for maximum results and an illuminated, wide-awake feel.

Perfect for those with busy  lives who lack sleep and are under a lot of stress.

Elemis Touch Facials

30 minutes £35 / 60 minutes £55

Elemis Touch facials are hands-on therapies combining ancient & modern massage techniques, the expertly trained hands of Elemis therapists massage the face, neck and shoulders to deeply cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Age-Defy

This facial tackles fine lines & wrinkles for beautifully nourished, younger looking skin. Elemis Pro-Collagen skincare products are applied to the skin, visibly plumping, smoothing and hydrating.

Elemis Superfood

Radiance Renew

The nutritional boost that packs stressed, dull skin with powerfully energising and detoxifying actives. This Vegan-friendly facial will detoxify & nourish your skin, resulting in true radiance.