Manicures & Pedicures

The original Shellac is the only 'genuine hybrid' gel polish which means we can apply it much more thinly than other gel polishes. Shellac is also the only non-damaging, long-lasting polish that doesn’t require excessive soaking, filing or roughing of the natural nail. The result is beautifully glossy nails that resist chipping for 14+ days.

For those not wanting a gel manicure or pedicure, we use CND Vinylux. 

Vinylux is like nail polish, but with no base coat. It's designed to adhere directly to your nail and form a vinyl-like texture that won't chip like regular polish. 

















Manicure - File & Polish

Deluxe Manicure with Polish

CND Shellac Manicure - File & Polish

Deluxe CND Maniure with Shellac Polish

Pedicure - File & Polish

Callus Peel Treatment

Deluxe Pedicure with Polish

CND Shellac Pedicure - File & Polish

Deluxe CND Pedicure with Shellac Polish

Deluxe CND Pedicure with Callus Peel treatment

CND Shellac Mani & Pedi File & Polish

Gel Soak Off & Tidy

Add-on - Callus Peel

Add-on - Glitter

Add-on - French Polish