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Elemis skin lab - why it's essential for your skincare routine

Personally prescribed skincare is core to our philosophy - Elemis.

If you know, like most of us what you are trying to achieve with your skin, this is the first step to selecting the perfect facial and skincare products for optimum skin health. Your goal may be something very specific like clarifying and calming a blemish-prone complexion or lifting and contouring sagging skin, but the main indicator of what facial you need is your skin type.

Skin type can and will fluctuate throughout the month due to hormones, stress, diet and other varying factors. So although you may usually have a combination skin type, there will be times that oiliness and breakouts occur and perhaps this is when you feel that your skin most needs the care and attention of a facial. In this example, a common mistake is to believe that you have permanently oily skin when in fact your skin could be deeply dehydrated and creating excess oils to compensate for the lack of hydration. On top of this, you must also consider the effect of the seasons on our delicate skin. Central heating and plunging temperatures outside will dry out the skin while summer temperatures and exposure to UV may cause oiliness and pigmentation.

The Elemis Skin Lab has been designed to determine your true skin type, which allows your therapist to recommend the correct products and facial treatments to suit your individual needs. So many of us are using skincare products that aren't designed for our skin type - creating ongoing skin issues such as breakouts, dullness, and sensitivity.

It is so important that we take the very best care of our skin, and for such a quick and simple analysis, your skin can truly be at it's best.

The Skin Lab consultation lasts 15 minutes and includes a 3D detailed skin and facial mapping analysis using clinical imaging which works by taking six different photos of your skin. These images allow your Elemis specialist to identify any dehydration, UV damage, wrinkles, problem pores, areas of sensitivity and broken capillaries. It also reveals an instant analysis of what skin type you are.

You’ll be provided with a colour printout to help you see and understand the results better – in addition to specially tailored product recommendations and advice on your skincare regime to help maintain and protect your skin against further damage.

If you are still narrowing down which facial is best for your needs this will certainly help you come to a conclusion with your skin therapist. Discussing your lifestyle with her is also key in taking a holistic approach towards your skincare and finding the perfect facial for you.

Once you and your therapist know which facial your skin needs, we recommend booking one every 3 to 6 weeks depending on your skin type and your Elemis therapist’s recommendations.


Elemis Skin Lab is coming to Brampton Beauty Retreat!

For one day only, the Elemis Skin Lab and an Elemis skincare representative will be joining us at Brampton Beauty Retreat to bring our clients this amazing technology.

Please join us on Tuesday 28th January for:

-A 15-minute Skin Lab analysis with our Elemis representative to reveal your true skin type and skincare needs.

-Professional skincare advice and recommendations from our Elemis professionals

-A 30-minute hands-on or Biotec facial - depending on the result of your Skin Lab analysis

-£25 ticket price redeemable against the purchase of two Elemis skincare products on the day

Tickets cost £25. Spaces are limited for this event.

To purchase your ticket, call 07309 747572, or pop into the salon before the 28th of January.

We look forward to seeing you!

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