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Elemis Facials

About Elemis

The No.1 luxury British skincare brand is globally recognised for harnessing the power of natural ingredients and scientific innovation. Each ground-breaking formula is trialed to ensure transformative results.

Book Elemis' revolutionary results-driven Biotec facials for optimum results, or if you prefer a hands-on facial, we can tailor these for your specific skincare needs.

All of the below facials are also available as a 30 minute treatment or a more traditional hands-on facial.

Elemis Power of 3

Every Elemis Pro-Glow Facial incorporates our essential 3 steps to deliver optimal Skin Wellness:

Pro-Cleansing Treatment

Elemis' signature multi-step cleansing method to prepares the skin for the next steps in treatment.

Bespoke Resurfacing
A resurfacing treatment customised to your specific skin’s needs. A visibly healthier, more even complexion is revealed.

Skin Wellness Touch
Elemis' expert hands improve skin health, boosting circulation and drainage for a lifted, more sculpted appearance. 

Pro-Glow Resurfacer+

Reveal stunningly smooth skin.

Super-charged deep cleansing and powerful ultrasonic peel technology eliminate visible pollutants, dirt and impurities for an immediately clearer, brighter complexion. Gently resurfacing, helping to reduce visible dryness and smooth the appearance of fine lines. Dull, uneven, tired-looking skin will appear instantly renewed and stunningly smooth and clear.

50 minutes from £77


Pro-Glow Genius+

The ultimate Age-Defying experience.


 Harnessing the powerful benefits of all 5 Elemis Biotec technologies, skin will be visibly smoother, more sculpted, and firmer with a spotlight on deep-set wrinkles for maximum, multi-faceted facial rejuvenation, and skin hydration. An unsurpassed, age-defying facial resulting in a more lifted, radiant youthful appearance after just one treatment.

75 minutes from £95

Pro-Glow Brilliance+

Your recipe for radiance.

 Experience our ultrasonic peel technology and brightening enzymes to deep clean and remove visible pollutants, make-up and city grime for happy, healthy skin. Hydrating technology and antioxidant-rich Superfoods will plump and smooth with a super-charged air massage to breathe life into your skin. Immediately revealing a super-healthy complexion, you’ll look and feel more radiant, relaxed, and glowing.

50 minutes from £75

Pro-Glow Smooth+

The ultimate HIIT workout for your skin.

Ultrasonic peeling exfoliates dead skin cells to smooth and prepare the skin for line-fighting microcurrent technology, targeting lines and wrinkles for a more radiant, youthful looking skin.

Skin will appear more vibrant, with improved feeling of firmness and elasticity.

Available as a stand alone treatment or as an intensive course for visibly smoother, plumper skin.

50 minutes from £80

Pro-Glow Renewal+

For a healthy, gorgeous glow.


Elemis' signature deep cleansing skin wellness facial harnesses the goodness of Prebiotics and antioxidants to deliver a healthy-looking, lit-from-within glow.  This facial is 'Food for your skin' which nourishes, calms and hydrates.

After just one treatment, skin looks visibly refreshed and rebalanced.

Perfect for a pick-me-up to boost your skin's health and your feeling of wellness.

50 minutes from £75

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